Stuck on Me

$1.84 - $34.25

Collectors and Hoarders alike, I welcome you- my entire sticker collection (so far). This bundle includes all 13 sticker designs I've made on various high quality vinyl materials.

***These are available as a BUNDLE or for separate purchase***

Sizes & brief description of each sticker are as follows:
Goth Moth: 2"x3" matte mirror
Cecropia Moth (red): 4"x2.3" matte mirror
Zombie Donut: 2.4"x2.5" holographic sparkles
Burnt Out: 2.4"x3.2" semi-transparent
Teef: 1.5"x1.5" matte
Space Case: 3"x1.9" holographic sparkles
No Face: 1.2"x2.8" matte semi-transparent
Ghostie: 1.8"x3.2" glow in the dark
Moss Bee: 2"x1.9" semi-transparent
Magik Bottle: 1"x1.9" holographic
Cherubim: 1"x1" metallic detail
Seraphim: 2.6"x1.9" semi-transparent
Ophanim: 3"x2.5" semi-transparent