$1.84 - $10.00

Sold individually or as a bundle! This odd bunch can suit just about any need; is that grind making you feel a bit like toast? Is life getting you so down that it makes you want to disappear into the wall? Maybe you're just waiting for Halloween to come around again so you can let loose and party for a night with poorly fitting plastic in your mouth.... or maybe you're not feeling any of those things; but trust me, you won't regret inviting these to live on your belongings!

Burnt Out: measures approx. 2.4"x3.2", printed on clear vinyl
Ghostie: measures approx. 1.8"x3.2" and glows in the dark!
No Face: measures approx. 1"x2.8, printed on matte transparent vinyl
Teef: measures approx. 1.5"x1.5", printed on matte vinyl