Rascal the Vagabond Rat


Rascal is a mysterious figure, donning a harlequin's patchwork of black and red. He exudes an unpredictable temperament that hints at a past entwined with a sinister circus. Despite his unpredictable nature, he's sure to bring a smile to your face.

Rascal is made from recycled denim, wooden buttons, and has a wire felted tail. His arms are articulated, and his tail can also be bent into shape. He stands approx. 6" tall with a 3" snout, perfect for sniffing out potential victims.... err uhm, I mean snacks... that's not any better is it?

PLEASE NOTE: Although durable, these are handmade and one of a kind which means they must be taken care of and not thrown about. I do not recommend purchasing these as toys for young children!

All familiars are crafted with care, accompanied by a unique trading card and art print.

*pattern courtesy of littlefishythings*