Jilliope Jackalope


Jilliope, the epitome of elegance, is adorned with lace and bows. She features a heart-shaped patch on her arm and possesses a deep love for tea, literature, and all things beautiful.

She stands her proudest at approx. 9.5" tall; and is fashioned from thrifted corduroy, silk, linen, and metal buttons. She is semi-posable with wire in her limbs, and is filled with a blend of poly-fil beads and stuffing.

All familiars are crafted with care, accompanied by a unique trading card and art print.

PLEASE NOTE: Although durable, these are handmade and one of a kind which means they must be taken care of and not thrown about. I do not recommend purchasing these as toys for young children!

*sewing pattern courtesy of littlefishythings*